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SAIVER was created in 1959 through the enterprising spirit of two master craftsmen who decided to apply industrial methods to the local steelworking tradition.

Thanks to quality workmanship, SAIVER air handling units established their name on the market and began to win orders from local & overseas.

Zhongshan SAIVER WELAIRE Air Conditioning Equipment Company Ltd. is a joint-venture between SAIVER s.r.l. and Welcome Air-Tech Ltd., which is in the business of manufacturing high quality, advanced environmental control system that will eventually be employed in different commercial and industrial buildings and infrastructure project.

Welcome Air-Tech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. was established on 2000, is located at Selangor, Malaysia, majorly produce a wide range of high quality environmental control system to serve the South East Asia countries. We earned the positive word of mouth and goodwill by our superior full-services.