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Fan Coil Unit

Features :
SAIVER® new generation fan coil unit (SCR series) would be the best choice for clients, installers and users.
The SCR series is available in 8 sizes. The airflow ranges from 340 CMH (200) to 2380 CMH (1400) with external static pressure up to 30 Pa (standard, 15Pa for low noise model, 50 Pa for high static model).

Coil -
The coil provides 3 or 4 rows, with copper tubes mechanically bonded into slit aluminum fin collars.
1 Row heating coil with the same construction is provided for 4-pipe models.
Copper fins or Blue fins shall be provided as option to meet special job requirement.
3 Air-vent is standard and water drain is optional.

Drain Pan -
The drain pan is made of galvanized steel and epoxy coated on both sides.
The one-piece formed drain pan is manufactured without welding minimizes the chance of water leakage.
Externally covered by 6mm closed cells insulation (Class 0 insulation or thicker insulation is available as option).
Optional extended drain pan (200 or 300mm) projected under the entire length and width of the coil including headers and return bends.
Stainless steel drain pan is also available as option.

Fan & Impeller -
Forward curved centrifugal fans with galvanized steel impellers for quiet running operation. They are statically and dynamically balanced and directly coupled to a single phase motor.
Optional light-weight aluminum impellers allow quieter operation and lesser power consumption.

Motor -
The motor is capacitor-run induction Class B type with long life high performance ball bearing for smooth operation.
Optional stepless Direct Current (DC) motor makes SAIVER® fan coil unit with variable air volume function.
All wiring is covered by flexible metallic conduit.
Terminal box is provided for easy wire connection.
Thermal overload protection is also available.
Option totally enclosed, motor is available.

IAQ (Option) -
IAQ Option includes air filter, PCO, ultraviolet light and control box.
PCO utilizes low energy ultraviolet light focused on a titanium catalyst in the presence of water vapor can generate an energy field equals to 10,000 times of natural sunlight which destroy microbes and oxides VOC in the air.

Integrated Package (Option)
An integrated package with a pre-installed and wired 2-way water valve together with or without thermostat and controller (wired or wireless) can be provided as option. It largely save the installation time and cost.