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  • Hong Kong

    CIC Zero Carbon Building
  • China

    Canon Zhongshan Business Machines Co. Ltd.
  • Macau

    Macau Venetian Phase V & VI
  • Malaysia

    Bangsar Shopping Centre
  • Singapore

    Singapore Marina Bay Sands


Modular Air Cooled Heat Pump Screw Chiller


The chiller regulates the number of running modules according to load demand and each module runs at its peak efficiency, this is different from conventional chillers which will consume more energy when running at part load.


Each module is designed as an independent refrigeration system, operating under the control of the computer with certain sequence, and fault of individual module will not affect other modules' running. Service and maintenance can be made to fault modules with chiller running.

Add-on Flexibility

The chiller is combined on site including numbers of standard modules and gone are the days for heavy cranes and special aisles to move the chiller to the roof or basement. A large chiller can be purchased and installed by stages if necessary, and add new modules to increase chiller capacity in the future.

Intelligent Operation

SAIVER® modular control technology is created along with modular chiller, it is based on micro-process control technology and integrates single modules into a complete chiller, each module runs in a sequence and optimizes the chiller operation based on changing load demand, this enables the chiller will always work at it best efficiency.


- Apply compact, high efficient PHE, small size and light weight;

- Water headers are installed within each module allowing each module to be combined via a Victaulic coupling easily - in-line strainer installed within each module to ensure PHE in safe operation.

Screw Compressor

- Hermetic double-screw compressor for wide application.

- Motor is cooled by refrigerant and works under low temperature to obtain higher efficiency and better reliability.

- PTC temperature switch avoid motor temperature overload.

-Protection module to avoid reverse operation, motor overheating and high oil temperature.

- Bearings have a 40,000 hours life, even compressor running, no need to replace during chiller life.

- High efficiency oil separator, separates 98% oil from refrigerant to ensure compressor lubrication and efficiency.

- 4-stage slide valve ensures precise load control.

Stainless Steel Brazed PHE

Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger; Vacuum brazed, endure working pressure of 3.0MPa, high strength and leak free , small size and light weight; and low flow velocity, high heat transfer efficiency.

Excellent Heat Pump Function (Heat Pump Chiller)

- SAlVER® special heat pump design ensures chiller heating performance and reliability.

- Well-designed defrosting control enables defrost within a minute of heating.

- Each module defrosts in turn to maintain hot water leaving temperature.

Pre-filled Refrigerant

R22, R407c and R134a available for standard chiller; less refrigerant charge required and the refrigerant charged prior to shipment and undergone performance test.

VWF Chiller

A motorized valve is installed on the outlet of PHE of each module; the special pump controller collects the entering/leaving water pressure differentials of the chiller and system separately. The best sampling location of the system lies on the worst circuit. Pump controller regulates its working frequency automatically based on the changes of these two pressure differentials, thus regulating the cooling output, water flow rate, and reduces pump running power at part load as well.

A minimum of 4 combined modules is required for a VWF system (please consult engineer or our company for installation of variable frequency pump and other equipments).

Pump Module

A special dynamic module which integrates water pump, hermetic inflatable water tank, pump control system and electrical box etc. can be combined with the chiller and enables an easier field installation and more compact option.

HR Hot Water HX

Additional hot water HX is used to recover part of the chillers condensing heat to supply hot water for daily use. The maximum temperature produced is 60°C. This is not recommended for heat pump models.

Compressor Sound-insulation Cover

The compressor is sealed with a removable box made by steel plate, which has sound absorbing material applied inside of it, thus reducing the chiller noise by up to- 6dB(A).