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Modular Air Cooled Heat Pump Scroll Chiller


SAlVER® Air Cooled Chillers are designed and constructed under the modular technology patent. A chiller bank consists of multiple individual chiller modules connected in parallel to operate as a single machine, with cooling or heating capacity to match the load demand by varying the number of operating modules. The chiller modules start from a small half module, and expandable to fifteen full modules for SMRA035 and SMRA040 and ten for SMRA080 and SMRA090, giving you full flexibility to increase the capacity as your needs increase.

Each full module consists of two tandem scroll compressor sets (4 compressors), evaporator, condenser, and sophisticated control and protection equipments. Each module operates as a completely independent refrigeration circuit, and varying to the total load demand. The controller will change the chiller's capacity by either controlling the number of modules in operation or by adjusting the capacity of the last start up compressor.

The SAlVER® Air Cooled lineup is available in cooling only or heat pump version for duel operation.

Compact And Space-saving

The compact size of each module means easy access via standard doorways and lifts. You no longer need special access to install the chiller.

Lower Installation Cost

Connection of the modules has never been simpler - only two pipes to connect then the communication connections and you 're in business.

Add-on Flexibility

Each module in the SAlVER® chiller system delivers both cooling and heating. As many as 10 full modules can be connected together as a chiller bank. SAIVER® chillers have inbuilt flexibility, which is useful in tenancy changes and strata title applications.

Safe And Reliable

Every module works as an independent refrigeration circuit, with adjacent modules operating independently. In the event of a malfunction in the system, the computer selects the next available standby module to provide back up. One failed module will not disrupt the other chillers or system, giving you total piece of mind.

Peak Economy At All Loads

Automatic scheduling of the compressors allows the chiller to match the fluctuating cooling/heating loads and conserve energy with each individual unit running at its peak efficiency. This is much more economical when compared to a large single unit running at part load.

Unparalleled Reliability

Every SAlVER® slave module is identical to each other, so in the event of a malfunction in the system, the computer automatically selects the next available standby circuit to provide back up. For critical air conditioning and industrial process cooling a SAlVER® modular Chiller inherently provides economical standby capacity and unparalleled dependability.

High Efficiency, Quiet Operating Scroll Compressor

Our compressors have a high coefficient of performance (COP) - (approximately 9% higher than that of a reciprocating compressor), resulting in outstanding reliability due to fewer moving parts, lower starting toque, and tolerance for flood-back and a rigid internal construction. All this is achieved through high volumetric efficiency, minimized pressure losses due to the absence of valve plates, and reduced heat transfer loss due to better separation of suction and discharge gases. In addition, scroll compressors produce less vibrations and quieter than that of its hermetic counterpart (due to absence of dynamic suction and discharge valves and a much smoother compression process).