Job References
  • Hong Kong

    CIC Zero Carbon Building
  • China

    Canon Zhongshan Business Machines Co. Ltd.
  • Macau

    Macau Venetian Phase V & VI
  • Malaysia

    Bangsar Shopping Centre
  • Singapore

    Singapore Marina Bay Sands


Multi Speed Centrifugal In-Line Fan- GCIL Series
  • GCIL Series is designed to cater for the high air flow and high static pressure requirement. Its light weight and has excellent performance to sound level ratio. The uniquely designed 3 speeds external rotor motor provides additional choices for different applications.
  • Backward curve centrifugal impeller
  • Uniquely designed 3 speeds external rotor motor
  • Speed controllable (controller is excluded)
  • Compact in size
  • Lighter in weight
  • Higher in efficiency
  • Lower in sound