Job References
  • Hong Kong

    CIC Zero Carbon Building
  • China

    Canon Zhongshan Business Machines Co. Ltd.
  • Macau

    Macau Venetian Phase V & VI
  • Malaysia

    Bangsar Shopping Centre
  • Singapore

    Singapore Marina Bay Sands


Air Purification System PCO Filter - WPF Series

PCO Technology
PCO utilizes low energy ultraviolet light focused on a titanium catalyst in the presence of water vapour can generate an energy field equal to 10,000 times of natural sunlight which destroy microbes and oxides VOC in the air.

Photocatalyst Material
TiO2 nano-photocatalyst material has increasingly been widely applied in air purification area for organic materials decomposing and sterilizing, such as the air purification machine, central air conditioning purification devices and so on.

WELAIRE® TiO2 filter used in conjunction with the UV lamp or UV LED to form a part of the air purification system.


  • Suitable for new or existing AHU
  • Safe to operate / maintenance
  • As high as 96.5% bacteria removal
  • Simple installation as filter
  • Enjoy bacteria free, odors-free air with small money